My area is really price sensitive


Quite often, when I talk about pricing, bookkeepers tell me “my area is quite price sensitive. I can't charge that much.”

In the last few years I've heard this about Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Midlands and almost every other part of the UK. I'm never really sure where this idea comes from, but it's demonstrably untrue. Clients are not price sensitive, they're value sensitive.


If we look at the reality of this comment we can see how untrue it is. Go to any part of th…

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Selling is a Rollercoaster


Sometimes the best inspiration comes from somewhere totally different from our profession. By looking at what other sectors do well, we can take their ideas and adapt them to suit our business.

One of the businesses I've been noticing recently that can teach us a lot about pricing is Merlin. Their pricing strategies are amazing and employ every trick in the book.

If you've not heard of Merlin, they are the people who own the attractions like Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and the London Eye.

Want …

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