Ekela Pricing Solution

Get your pricing consistent and use the power of menus with just a few clicks.  This will make your pricing a delight.

£24.99 per month
Or FREE with any membership

Mentoring Call

Stuck with your business?  Don't know where to turn?  Book a one hour, one to one mentoring call



Marketing Done for You

Ready made marketing for an ideal client group


Help employed mechanics reclaim the tax on tools and PPE with this complete package, including forms.


Driving Instructors

More than a marketing pack, this is a full business-in-a-box for those interested in having driving instructors as clients.


Dog Walkers

Coming Soon...

Our Courses

Learn something new with one of our great courses

Marketing for Bookkeepers

Find new clients for your bookkeeping practice with ease.  No more wasted time with flyers and sales letters.


VT Transaction+ Training

 Learn how to use one of the best value and most versatile pieces of software in the bookkeeping world.


Self Assessment Success

Provide a one stop shop to sole traders by adding self assessment to your range of services.


Pricing Options

There are more pricing options than hourly rate and fixed price.  Let's look at some of them, and psychology behind them.


Menu Pricing

Learn how to build menu prices with this step by step course.  Once you master it, you can even sell it to your clients for their business.


Become a Newsletter Ninja

Email newsletters are a great way to get your message across to potential clients.  Learn how to build this amazing marketing channel.


7 Steps to Grow Your Practice

Whether you're starting out, or looking to grow at supersonic speeds, these 7 steps are important to any practice.


Funnel Marketing

Understand the step by step process for taking people from knowing nothing about you, to becoming clients.


New Client Form Pack

Download all of the templates you need to onboard new clients to your bookkeeping practice.