Start Up

What Do I Need?


When you start a bookkeeping practice there are hundreds of things you could do.  There are many things you should do, but only 3 things you need to do.

Legally, you need to register with a supervisor under the Money Laundering Regulations, register with the Information Commissioners Office under the General Data Protection Regulations and tell HMRC that you're now self employed (if that's the route you've chosen)

Registering for supervision for Money Laundering Regulations is a fairly...

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Can I be a Self Employed Bookkeeper?


There's a myth doing the rounds.  If you're a great bookkeeper you will have a great bookkeeping practice.

It's the rock that many a good bookkeeper can perish on.  Just because you're an amazing bookkeeper, doesn't mean you can have an amazing bookkeeping business. 

The reverse also holds true, just because you're not an amazing bookkeeper doesn't mean you wont have an amazing bookkeeping business. 

You do need to have the skills and confidence to complete any work that...

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