Marketing Done for You - Mechanics

Defining your ideal client, understanding their pain, problem and fear, defining a solution, designing a marketing system, designing your accounting system it's all so difficult and time-consuming.

What if you could shortcut it all?

Now you can...

We've done it all for you.  In this pack you'll find that we've put together your:

  • Ideal client profile
  • Pain, Problem and Fear
  • Solution
  • Where they hang out
  • Flyers
  • Letters
  • Forms

This pack is specifically designed to allow you to market to employed mechanics.  Most mechanics need to buy their own tools and PPE.  Many still don't know that they can claim tax relief on these purchases.  You don't even need to complete a full self assessment in most cases.  HMRC has an online form you can complete and print.  We've included all these details in the pack, including the form for your client.

We've designed a flyer (you just need to add your details) and some letter for you to send.  We've even told you where to put the flyers and who to send the letters to.

This is a complete, done for you system and is ready to go now.

Still nervous?

We'll even offer you a money-back guarantee.  Show us that you've followed the system and if you don't make back at least double your money in 6 months we'll insist that you take a full refund.