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Attention Bookkeepers!

How To Get New Clients Without Spending Money On Adverts That Don't Work


The traditional marketing techniques don't work

If your adverts to attract new clients look like this, then you probably know by now that they don't work.

It's not your fault.  That's what we're told to do.  

Let's face it, we're bookkeepers not marketeers.  This selling stuff isn't our strong point.  

That's why I've designed this complete copy and paste system for you


What Does It Include?

All of the marketing materials you need.  The flyers, letters, social media posts.

How to setup your email auto-responder list, including the emails to send and the lead magnet to brand to your own business.

The forms, reports , and full system to run this bookkeeping service.  We suggest VT Transaction+, but it's up to you.


Attract leads while you sleep.  

This auto pilot sales system just needs to be set once and left.  You'll attract clients even when you're not working on your business.  Just a short time each day filling the funnel (we give you the materials to do this) and you're all set.

personalise copy

No tweak needed.

You can run this whole system as is, with no need to make any changes.  Of course, it's your business and if you want to improve on this, you're welcome to do so.


Save your advertising pennies.

This system is based around email marketing and sales funnels.  The cheapest form of marketing you'll find.  Just follow the instructions and you'll be up and running in no time at all.

It's Just a Case of Copying and Pasting

What exactly is included?

We've added everything you need.  You'll get:

  • The Ideal Client Profile, Pain, Problem and Fear, and Solution (worth £49)
  • Flyers to display (worth £79)
  • Letters to send (worth £99)
  • Social media pictures to post (worth £49)
  • How to setup your email marketing (worth £27)
  • The free guide to give away (worth £149)
  • Follow up emails to send (worth £199)
  • The complete bookkeeping plan including forms, reports and templates (worth £199)

All in all this package is worth over £900!

Essentially, I've boxed up not just the marketing materials you need, but also the full bookkeeping system I used successfully for years.

It's more like a mini franchise than a package

This system was earning me £35+ per hour and that was 7 years ago!


All this for the amazing price of just £297!

or two monthly payments of £148.50

or now even 4 monthly payments of just £74.25

 Two Special Bonuses When You Buy Today 

Special Bonus 1

Pricing a new service like this can be really difficult.  That's why we've included a "Done for You" menu pricing structure you can use right away with your new driving instructor clients.

Special Bonus 2

I know starting a new system can be daunting, even if it's just a lot of copying and pasting.  We have a new secret group for those who buy this package where I will support you through the process.

What are the alternatives?


You'd pay upwards of £15,000 for a bookkeeping franchise and an ongoing management fee of around 10% of your turnover. 

This package offers you the support of a system to grow your business, as well as the freedom to inject your personality with no ongoing fees.


Pay a Designer

 You could get a designer to make you some flyers and a pretty website.  But you'd also need a funnel designer to create the funnel, a copy writer and marketeer to do the letter and email text and an expert in bookkeeping for driving instructors to pull the system all together.  

That could cost more than the franchise.


Do it Yourself

You could absolutely do it yourself.  You could pull together some publicity in Canva, write your own client profile, design the funnel.... exhausted yet?

Who am I, and why should you care?

I'm Kris, the CEO and Co-Founder of The Bookkeepers Alliance.  I ran my own successful bookkeeping practice for 10 years before supporting other bookkeepers to do likewise.

I have awards for Most Innovative Bookkeeper in the UK, and twice from IAB as UK's Small Business Mentor of the Year.

Over the last 5 years I have helped hundreds of bookkeepers to grow the practice of their dreams, and now I'm ready to help you.

During my time of bookkeeping I was just like you.  I struggled to get new clients.  For the first 6 months I had not one single clients. With 2 boys under two and having been made redundant it was so hard.

I had absolutely no idea where to find or how to market for clients.  I made every single mistake in the book, and some others too.

The system that I am giving you today is the same one I used to go from that to a successful bookkeeping practice