It's Circus Time

It's Circus Time!

It's circus time! They've come a long way since I was a wee boy.  They really are experts at keeping the audience amused and entertained.  Add in a few daredevil stunts and it'll make you gasp.

The other thing that the circus are experts in is pricing.  See how many of our usual pricing strategies you can see in my recent experience.

Initially they offer free tickets around the community they are visiting.  You can attend at absolutely no cost whatsoever. An amazing lead magnet, I'm sure you'll agree. 

To get your free seat you just need to turn up to the box office an hour before the performance and wait in a queue to get a seat.  Not the best seats, but not terrible.

When you get to the box office they'll show you a map of where you'll be sitting.  If you want closer to the action, they say, you can upgrade.  

Surprisingly, there are three options.  You can get grandstand seats for just a fiver extra per person.  You'll still need to queue for these, but you're going to be closer.  You can have a deluxe grandstand for eight pounds a person. These are right in front of the ring and in the first five rows.  They're preassigned so no queues. Finally, they have VIP ringside seats for ten pounds per head. The very front row. No queues and no heads in front of you.

Guess which I chose? That's right, the middle.  So interested was I that I hung around the booking office for a while.  It came as no surprise to me that almost 70% of people with free tickets upgraded in some way.

Enter the bigtop and you'll be met with burger sellers, popcorn, candyfloss, drinks and even a bar.  You're no safer from these upsells in your seat with lightup toys being sold everywhere.  

Lead magnets, upsells, three options and cross sells.  Almost every tactic we teach at The Bookkeepers Alliance being put into play in a completely different industry.  What's more, it's all done as part of a complete strategy. A machine to ensure that you have the perfect experience, and they take every opportunity to sell you what you want, even when you don't really know what that is.

Do you have a complete pricing and marketing strategy in your business? Does it run like a machine, or is it desperately in need of some oiling?

Do you have a lead magnet in place? What are your upsells, and are you using the magic three options?  When you bag the client are you focused on the cross sell, or are you too busy patting yourself on the back for a job well done? How much money is the client willing to spend with you? And how much of that are you leaving on the table because you're not asking for the sale?

Sometimes it can help to have a tool that gives you a clear and consistent price.  We have developed a spreadsheet that will work in Excel and do just this.  It's just a really easy way to price your services.  Find out more


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