Are you struggling to price your bookkeeping work?

Do you find that you're often making prices up on the hoof?  Would you love a tool that helps you to price simply and consistently?

Pricing for Bookkeepers lets you prepare quotes easily without the need to resort to guesswork.

Just answer a few simple questions and instantly create a pricing structure using the 3 menu option system, and the power of 9.


A comprehensive price with just a few clicks

Calculate prices based on the clients needs.

Give the client ultimate control over the decision by producing 3 prices to choose from.

Avoid any chance of scope creep by clearly listing the clients needs.


How can you systemise your pricing?

Clients are desperate for clear pricing.  They want a range of options, but how can you do all this quickly and easily?  Pricing for Bookkeepers allows you to create a full menu price with just a few clicks

personalise copy

Personal to your business.

Customise your prices and menus easily.  Every price option is as easy to change as typing a new figure.  Check boxes allow you to choose which services appear in which menus.

A simple system personalised to your practice.


Get paid what you're worth.

Pricing psychology is built into our system, allowing you to earn what you're really worth. 

Choices, ending your price with 9, and showing monthly prices are all clever tactics that we've added into this software.

Get Your for Just £39. 

No Subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Can I change the prices?

The systems comes preloaded with our recommended prices. 

All of the prices in the system can be easily changed by you if you find that they are not suitable for your specific circumstances.

Do I need anything special to use this?

All you need to get the most from this pricing system is a copy of Excel.

Will I get updates?

As we develop the system, based on user feedback, you will be able to download the most up to date version.

Can I suggest changes?

If you find that you would like additional prices and features in the system, please email us at and, if there is a demand, we will do our best to implement them