The Bookkeepers Virtual Conference

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9.40am - How to Earn What You Are Really Worth

Kris will guide you through pricing in your business and how you can use psychology to earn what your really worth.  Through highlighting some prominent pricing research you'll not only learn what works and doesn't in the world of pricing, but also why.  You'll also get a chance to look at the latest pricing tool and ask your questions.

Kris McCulloch


10.35am - Another Cloud E-Day - living life in the cloud rather than under one

Cloud accounting has transformed the way our businesses work, but why stop there? Embracing cloud technology throughout your business can lead to new opportunities and efficiencies, but it should also be the start of a re-evaluation of your business model:

  • defining your target market,
  • re-evaluating your pricing model
  • freeing up time for marketing.

This session is about increasing your profitability while improving your health.

Chris Deeson


11.30am - Creating Amazing Content

We tend to be numbers people.  Words make us want to hide under the desk in a blind panic.  In this session, Claire will show you how you can create amazing content to promote your practice.

Claire Owen-Jones


1.00pm - Setting Goals in your Business

Without a clearly defined path it's difficult to make strategic decisions in your business.  Things can change from one day to the next with great difficulty getting where you want to be.  Goal Setting doesn't need to be some complex dark art.  Kris will explain some simple techniques to help you master this.

Kris McCulloch


1.45pm - Profit First: Turn your business into a cash cow!

How can changing a simple equation, ‘sales-expenses=profit’, make your business more profitable? Easy you change it on your head! I’ll show you how over 100 Profit First Professionals worldwide, like me are on a mission to Eliminate Entrepreneurial Poverty!

Gary Martin