Why Only Monthly?

Why only monthly

Since launching our brand new pricing system, Ekela, there's been a question that's come up a few times.  Why can I only quote monthly?  Why can't I quote annually?

Well, there's a really great reason for that.  Let me explain.  

Ekela is built to be something that no other pricing system is.  It's built to take advantage of everything I've been teaching from pricing over the last 7 years.  Based on research from some of the top names in behavioural economics, it pulls together the best advice available. 

Everything from ending your prices with a 9, to offering three options and unbundling your package.  Offering a monthly price is part of that, even for work you might do annually.

Not only can you appear better value by offering a monthly price, but you also become much stickier and build stronger relationships with your clients.  Rather than chasing them once a year, you can become proactive and help them to plan for their tax bill rather than react to it.  You can deal with their queries about buying new equipment or taking on-premises while you have some influence over the best way and time to do it, rather than finding out after the year-end that it's been done the wrong way.

Finally, you build that relationship with regular contact.  You get to know what's happening in their business and where you can add more value or sell additional services.  If you don't offer this regular support, your annual clients have a whole year between contact to be tempted by someone who will.

After all, with MTD we will soon be forced to have more regular contact with our current annual clients.  Why not start now?

So how do you get someone who has been with you for a while on an annual package to move to monthly?  That was the challenge faced by one of our members recently, and below is the bones of a letter I wrote to help her client make the move.  You're welcome to use this with your clients too and make the same move.

Saving money on your tax bill is almost impossible after the year is over. Right now you give me your financial documents once your year is over and I draw up your accounts and tax return. It's the way it's always been done, but there's a better way.
What if I could give you advice and tips before the year was finished and allow you to benefit from that not just in future tax years, but the current one too?
With the changes Making Tax Digital it's only a matter of time before we need to do your tax more often, so let's get ahead of the curve.
We'll also be able to plan your tax bill as we go meaning no surprises and the ability to save for the taxman rather than needing to find the money in one go.
To help with this, and with your cashflow, from [date], you'll no longer pay your bill on an annual basis, but monthly instead. The price won't increase, and there'll be no interest to pay. We're just splitting your annual fee up. That's it.
That's not all, though. You'll also benefit from my support service which is currently reserved for my clients on the premium packages. If you have any questions, you'll be able to tap into my knowledge right through the year.
In short, we're moving to a system that will allow you to better manage your cashflow, plan for your tax bill and get access to my expertise right through the year and it won't cost a single penny more.
This is just one of the way's I'm working hard to improve the service I offer to you.


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