What's the Election got to do with Bookkeeping?

It’s not often that we talk about politics at The Bookkeepers Alliance, but things are so interesting I just couldn’t avoid it any longer.

How are you feeling about the EU election?  Are you feeling really energised, or are you getting bored of the whole thing?

Regardless of what you think about him, Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party is the interesting one to watch for me.  I probably shouldn’t be very surprised when the polls show his party gaining ground quickly at the expense of Labour and the Tories. 

Labour still has a very mixed message and are trying to appeal to both their leave and remain voters.  The Tories are equally unclear about the way ahead with as many options as party members.

Farage, on the other hand, is very, very clear with his message.  He’s clear about who is likely to vote for him, and he’s speaking to them.  The Brexit Party are not trying to hedge their bets.  They’re not speaking to remainers.  Nigel is very clear about who he wants to speak to and what he wants to tell them. 

Not worrying himself about trying to appeal to everyone like the big two, Nigel knows his ideal voter's pain, problem and fear and he’s got a solution.  That is what he consistently talks about.

There’s no confusion around what he’s about. 

Conversely, both Labour and Tories are trying to speak to everyone with messages that are so confused that very few understand what they stand for and who they’re speaking to.  As a result, people are turning off from them by the busload. 

The Liberal Democrats are being equally as clear about their target market and their message and are also seeing a surge in support.  Their manifesto, “Bollocks to Brexit” couldn’t be much clearer. 

Given everything I speak about through The Bookkeepers Alliance, none of this is a real surprise.  When you know your ideal client, understand their pain, problem and fear and tailor your message prospects lean towards you.  When you try to speak to everyone, don’t have a clear message then people turn off. 

This is especially true when you give mixed messages.  We don’t like complexities.  When two or more of your messages contradict each other we often don’t have the energy to try to work out what is really meant so we switch off.

When you put out messages from your business are you clear about who you’re speaking to and what your message is, or are you trying to speak to everyone with potentially confusing messages?

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