Do You Use Adverts?

Do You Use Adverts

Even in the current climate of aducation, advertising can still form an important part of a bookkeepers overall marketing strategy.  It's not time to turn our back on adverts, whether that's online or offline.

Many bookkeepers I speak to tell me that advertising simply doesn't work in their business.  It may be true that particular adverts that they have placed in the past have not had the desired results, but that doesn't mean that advertising won't work for their, or your, business.

Quite often, an advert is the result of some kneejerk reaction.  Either a sales rep has called with a deal that's too great to miss.  Or they have come across a new medium that they want to give a go.

This is often carried out with little or no research.  Will your ideal client actually see your advert? Are you making a compelling offer or are you simply telling them that you are a bookkeeper and the services you offer?

So what are the key considerations when you decide to place an advert?

Will your target market see it?

Maybe an advert in your local shop is really cheap but will your ideal client actually see it?  Are you fishing in their pond? Before you jump at the next great opportunity that presents itself, stop and think if this will get you in front of your ideal client.

Will they respond?

When your ideal client sees your advert, is there a strong call to action and reason for them to follow that?  If you are simply telling them who you are, then probably not. Think about offering something of value to them.  Maybe a free download, or a free 15-minute exploration call.

Do you monitor the response?

Do you know how many clients actually come from your advert?  Simply asking them where they found you may not elicit this information.  We all have busy lives and can't often remember where we saw or heard about things.  Instead, consider putting a unique code, phone number, email address or Web page on each advert.  Then you can truly monitor how effective it is.

Do you test variations?

Sometimes one headline or image may not be as effective as another.  Consider carrying out some A/B testing by placing two similar adverts in similar mediums with a different headline, or different image and monitor the response to each.  This will allow you to fine-tune your message.

Do you have a goal?

Each advert you place should have a clear and measurable goal.  Advertising for brand awareness is not an effective use of resources for a small business.  Make sure that you know the goal of your advert and the flow of your leads from it.

If you follow this very simple guidance your adverts will be far more effective than ever before.  Just one or two tweaks can make a whole world of difference.

Let me what you change in your adverts as a result of this. 


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