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The Bookkeepers Alliance is committed to promoting a strong sense of community with bookkeepers from across the UK.  When we work together amazing things can happen and that's one of the primary reasons we exist.

One way we do this is through our regular Coffee Clubs across the UK.

What are Coffee Clubs? Sometimes, being a bookkeeper is lonely. The Bookkeepers Alliance has an active facebook group, but there's just no substitute for having a face to face chat with others who are in a similar position.

This is the very reason that our Coffee Clubs exist. They are a chance to meet other bookkeepers on an informal basis. There’s no intimidating standing up and presenting. It’s just about having a coffee and a chat.

Who runs them? These are run by bookkeepers just like you. In fact, you may want to set one up if there isn’t one near you. You don’t need any special skills, and you’ll get support from The Bookkeepers Alliance and other hosts if this is something you’d like to do.

Where are they held? Because of the informal nature, Coffee Clubs tend to be held in local coffee shops, hotel lobbies and even a tennis club. Wherever a small group of bookkeepers can have a coffee and a chat is ideal.

How do I find my local Coffee Club? Have a look at our events page (www.bookkeepersalliance.co.uk/events) for a list of upcoming coffee clubs. If you don’t see one, drop us an email (support@bookkeepersalliance.co.uk) and we can help you find your nearest. If there’s not one near you we’ll let you know and you may want to do something yourself.

How many people attend? It varies. It can be as few as two or three or as many as eight. Coffee Clubs are designed to work better with smaller numbers. There’s no formal agenda, it's just a chance for you to discuss what’s important to you and get that bit of extra support.

What’s involved in hosting a Coffee Club? If you would like to host a Coffee Club it’s really simple and doesn’t take a lot of your time. Drop us an email and we’ll get you set up.

Briefly, though, the process is this. You know your area better than us, so the first thing is to find a suitable venue. Because It’s so informal and the groups are pretty small, a local coffee shop will do.

Next, come up with a suitable date and time. We find that a months notice is great to help people plan and for us to promote it for you. We’ll get it publicised and send you a list of your attendees before the meeting so you have an idea of who is coming.

I hope that this has persuaded you to attend a local Coffee Club, or think about setting one up in your own area.  I'd be really interested in any ideas or suggestions of how we can improve these or other ideas for building a community of bookkeepers.


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