7 Tips to Increase Concentration and Achieve Your Goals

For many people, it can be a challenge to focus their attention on specific tasks, particularly in today’s world of push notifications and infinite distractions. This can pose a huge problem for many people since the ability to concentrate is one of the most important skills you need to be productive.

The good news is, attention and focus are like muscles you can strengthen with enough practice. To start, here are some easy tips to increase your concentration and achieve your goals.

Set a goal for the day

Honing your concentration starts at the beginning of the day. Introduce some structure first thing in the morning by writing down what it is you need to do. This lets you prioritise what tasks you need to get done first, and serves to inform you of your progress. By checking off items on your to-do list, you feel a push of satisfaction at completing a task that can help you get on to the next one.

Overtime, building this simple practice can give you the drive to stay focused on your larger goals. The Bookkeepers Alliance previously explained that it’s important to set a purpose for what you do – which can set the direction of both day-to-day work and overall career.

Get some exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is essential in a healthy lifestyle, but not everybody is aware that exercise can also help train your mind to concentrate. The best part is, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym everyday to boost your mind power. Men’s Health reports that just 30 minutes spent in moderate-intensity exercise during your daily lunch break can help boost brain function and help you concentrate for the rest of the day. The beach body is just a welcome side effect.

Swap coffee for isotonics

Attention spans suffer the most in the afternoon, when your energy takes a natural dip and many rely on mid-afternoon coffee to boost their concentration. The next time you are tempted to do this, consider swapping your iced latte for an isotonic or energy drink. This can better replenish lost nutrients in the afternoon while giving you a small glucose boost to keep you going ‘til end of day.

Eat right

Continuing along the same vein, the BBC highlights the importance of eating right in order to nourish your brain. A healthy, balanced diet isn’t just important for physical health, but also for cognitive health and development as well. Try snacking on blueberries to promote short-term memory or blackcurrants to reduce anxiety and stress. Nuts, wholegrain food, and oily fish are also known to boost brain power and concentration.

Get an indoor plant

The physical and psychological benefits of maintaining indoor plants have long been touted by experts, with greenery helping improve air quality, lower background noise, and even reduce stress. The Telegraph suggests that plants have also been found to boost office productivity by up to 15%, which can help you concentrate on even the most boring of tasks. If you’re not confident with your plant parenting skills just yet, start with cacti or low maintenance succulents.

Get help

There’s nothing shameful about needing a little help with concentrating, especially in today’s world of constant stimuli and distractions. To start, Lottoland features some of the best tools and applications that can help you stay focused at work. These tools range from apps that help you create daily goals to programs that keep out distracting social media websites. Give yourself a little boost and look around to see what tools will work for you.

Schedule some downtime

Last but not least, it’s important to take breaks once in a while. Although this may seem counterproductive at first, having some downtime is actually good for restoring your focus and energy, especially when you’re feeling depleted. Whether this means watching videos of cute animals on the internet, taking a walk around the office, or simply closing your eyes for a few minutes, it’s important to let your brain rest in between tasks.

Do you like these tips, or have any of yours to share? Leave a reply below!


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