Does shouting work?

Imagine standing on a roof with a megaphone, shouting your message to passers by.  Maybe some of them hear you above the traffic and the noise of everyday life.  Maybe you’ll be really lucky and of the tiny percentage who hear your message, one or two will need our service.  You may get a new client.

Now imagine that you’re not the only bookkeeper standing there shouting about your services.  You’re just one voice is a large crowd.

Ridiculous as this may seem.  This is what many of us are doing day in day out.  We shout our message at anyone who looks at us.  It’s a generic message.  Normally about how great we are, or that we do a mean set of accounts.

The choice is that we either continue doing this the hard way.  Hoping and praying that if we shout at enough people with a catch all message, that will attract only those who are actively looking for your services, we’ll find enough clients to keep going.  Some survive doing this, but it’s tiring.

The alternative is to do it the smart way.  What if instead of standing shouting at everyone, you can craft a message that really resonates with a smaller group?  Instead of standing on the roof trying to shout at the many, you get right down to the street and have a conversation with a few.

This is the difference between working hard and working smart.

You may be sitting thinking “That’s all well and good, but while I’m doing that whispering, what if other potential clients are walking past?”  You’re right, you may miss the odd potential client, but I bet you’re missing a lot more by standing on that roof shouting a message heard by few and actioned by even less.

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