Turn visitors into paying clients

Are you worried that your website isn't doing its job? You see the visitors land on your page, but they never take up your offer of a free consultation? What's going wrong?

You know that if you could speak to to visitor you could explain what you do so much better than the words on your site. As bookkeepers we're great at converting people when we speak to them, and even more when we meet them face to face. So how do we do that?

First, you need to lose the free consultation offer. I've said it before, people see this and thing "sales call" and it turns them off. You need to package this in a different way. It needs to be of value.

What you really need is a page that speaks to the visitors pain, problem or fear, and then offers a solution. You are that solution. Don't devalue yourself with free consultations all over your website. Your time is valuable, and needs to be spend wisely.

Instead of a free call, put a short form on your site when your visitor can apply to get a call with you. This gives you a chance to screen them to see if they are a great fit for you, and makes them feel like this is not a freebie. They need to do some work to get it.

You could even use skype for that face to face experience.

Let me know how this changes your business.


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