Are you committing the top 3 web copy sins?

You’ve worked so hard on perfecting your website content.  You’ve had sleepless nights.  Been busy editing every sentence over and over until it’s just perfect.  Then when your website goes live, nothing!

High bounce rates, no one joining your mailing list, not a single new client from it. Does any of this sound even vaguely familiar?

Let me let you in on a secret, you’re not alone.  It’s not always your fault, you’ve just done what everyone else is doing, but sometimes that’s the mistake.

Here are the top three web copy sins that will have your website bouncier than a trampoline.

Sin 1: You don’t know your ideal client.

All right, I’m sure given our history you could have guessed that this one would make an appearance.  It’s true though.  You can’t write copy that will persuade your reader if you don’t know who that is.  When you start to understand your ideal clients pain, problem, and fear your copy will become more persuasive almost instantly.  Talk to that one person and watch your conversions rise.


Sin 2: You talk too much about yourself

This is hard to hear, so sit down.  You know that business you’ve taken so long to build?  Those qualifications that have had you up until 3am?  That great award you recently won?  Well, your visitors don’t really care.  Let me say that again, your visitors don’t care about you.  They care about themselves.  When you start to turn all of the stop talking about ‘we’ and ‘I’, and start taking about ‘you’.

Your visitors only care about how you are the perfect solution to their problem, so explain that.  Show that you understand their problem and that you can make it all better.


Sin 3: You’re in love with words.

Sentence bloat.  Trying to fill your sentences out to sound clever.  Using words that your ideal client doesn’t.  Is there any bigger turn off?  Start by removing all of the words that don’t add anything.  People have a lower attention span than ever before.  Forget sounding smart, just get to the point in the same words that they use.  In online media, less is definitely more.


The great news is that even if you are committing these, it’s not too difficult to make a change.  Whenever you write copy for your website just ask 3 simple questions:

Who is my audience?

Do they care?

Am I overcomplicating this?

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