The sad truth about your marketing

Most marketing doesn't work. I'm going to explain why you're wasting much of your time when you spend hours crafting your marketing materials, writing content, and putting together your website. Why?

Sadly because no one cares about your qualifications, experience, professional body membership or much of the other 'important information' you fill your website and other marketing materials with. While testimonials are great, your prospects aren't buying your past experience.

All your prospects really care about is "What's in it for me?' They want to know what you can do for them, to improve their life or business. Unless you can answer this important question in your copy, images, or videos then the chances are that they wont really take it in.

Think about it, how many people visit your website? Now compare that figure to how many people engage with you during that visit. How many phone calls, emails or signups do you get? For most this engagement rate is somewhere between 1 and 5%.

Lets put that into context. You've spent time getting your site built and driving prospects to it, and 95 to 99% will leave without giving you as much as a name. Why? Because your site just doesn't speak to them. It doesn't answer that all important question that is at the front of all our minds when we buy goods and services. What's in it for me? How will this product or service make my life better?

By focusing on your ideal client and speaking directly to them you can begin to increase your engagement rate, and probably for the very first time, make your marketing work for you.

Let me know below what change you're going to make today.


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