Time is money

Time is money. Has there ever been a more dangerous or misleading phrase in the history of the world for entrepreneurs?

Time is not money. Time is not a commodity. We can't save time in the bank, or earn time back. We can't horde time in the corner, or under this mattress.

Time is not money, value is money.

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: "People buy what you do, not how long it took you to do it."

Think about that.

If it were true that time is money then I could build a desk and a craftsman could build a desk and they' doth be worth the same. In fact, it would probably take me longer, so mine would be worth more? True?

We get paid for what we deliver, not how long it took us to deliver.

Unfortunately, this is a risk that doesn't sit easy with many. That's why so many people still want paid by the hour.

They may never earn as much, but that's not their aim. Their only true aim is to avoid risk, and the pain that comes with failure.

This is the one thing that sets apart a true entrepreneur from the majority of the population. The entrepreneur puts everything they have into their venture. In short, they play to win. Nothing short.

Conversely, the rest of the population simply play not to lose. It's true that time is finite for everyone, but no one really knows what that finite limit is.

Each hour is never the same value as the hour preceding it, or the hour that follow. You must strive to make as much value in that hour as you can.

That's the only way you'll win the entrepreneurs game. Cut out things that make you appear busy like perfecting your blog post, or attending another pointless meeting and focus on the real drivers of business.

The things that actually deliver value to your clients and money to you. Time is not money, value is. Time is simply one of the tools we use to create that value. Learn how to get the price you deserve


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