Who Do You Want To Work With?

Who do you want to work with

This is a great question, but sadly it's not asked by business owners nearly enough.  Let me ask you this, do you have clients that make you sad?  They never take on board what you say?  They give you the wrong information at the wrong time?  They're late with their invoices and demand an unacceptably quick turnaround?  They just make you exhausted?

The sad truth, and the truth most of us deny is that these annoying clients really don't help our business in anyway.  You don't need them.  

The Pareto principle is as true here as anywhere.  If you sit down and really think about it, I bet you find that these clients take 80% of your time and effort.  I bet you find that they only account for about 20% of your earnings.  

Is it really worth it to hang onto them? Now, close your eyes and think of the type of client you really do want to work with.  Are they young or old?  Male or female?  What kind of business do they have?  Is it small but growing, or big?  Do they have employees or not?  Do they work from home or have a shop?  Most importantly, do they take on board what you say?

How much better would your business be if it was filled with this type of person?  You'd be less stressed, enjoy working more, finish everything on time, not need to work into the night because paperwork was late.  In short, you'd be much happier.

This is the first step in compiling your ideal client profile.  We often think of this as a difficult thing to do, but in fact it's really just a way to start filling your practice with the type of client you enjoy working with.  


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