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Many bookkeepers, and small business owners in general, stick up a website with their phone number and email address then wonder why people don't call.  I made exactly this mistake when I setup my business.  The problem with this is that not everyone has the confidence to pick up the phone.  They may not be totally convinced that you are a good fit for them, or may want proof that you know what you're doing.

One way to begin to prove that you really know your stuff is to write a short book.  This may sound really scary, but once you get started you'll realise it's not really so bad.  It doesn't need to be long, but it will be a great step in proving that you know your stuff.

A while back I wrote a short book for sole traders on the most common expenses and how to calculate the more difficult expenses.  For a while now I've been allowing visitors to my website to download this in exchange for their contact details.  This has resulted in a few clients signing up after reading it.

Today I decided that I now want to take it to the mass market.  It's a frightening move, but today I've added it to the Kindle store in the hope of sharing it with a much larger audience than I could from my own site.

How are you proving that you know your stuff and breaking down barriers?


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