Why Focus In Your Bookkeeping Business Can Mean Big Bucks

I cannot tell you how many times have heard the words "anyone with a small business", from bookkeeper folk at networking meetings, when I ask them the question "who is it that you want to work with?". So the opportunity to be able to write a blog that is aimed specifically at bookkeepers to help you 'see the light' or 'taste the cake' as I prefer to say it, is one not to be missed.

I'm going to leap straight in and ask you - when was the last time you had a problem and you went out in seek of a generalist to help you?
  • You've got a bad back and you have 2 choices: someone who does general body health, perhaps a masseuse, or someone specialising in solving back pain - who do you choose?
  • You have suspected skin cancer and you have 2 choices: Your local Doctor or a skin cancer specialist - who do you choose?
  • Your dog needs a cruciate ligament operation and you have 2 choices: Your local vet or a veterinary surgeon who specialises in orthopaedics and has particular success with cruciate operations - who do you choose?
You see where I'm going with this!?

Yes, yes, I appreciate that there are a lot of generalist business out there - supermarkets are a prime example. But consider this; if you were organising a special dinner or dinner party would you buy your meat from the supermarket or go to the local butcher and ask for a quality cut to suit the occasion?

How many times do you hear people boasting about the fact that they bought their meat from the supermarket? I don't know many. But I have heard countless times people telling me how fab the meat is they bought from their local butcher. Sometimes they even know the type of cow it's come from and the name of the farmer who reared it!

I could give you LOADS of examples just like this where people are proud to shout loud and proud about a business they use who does one thing brilliantly - they can't help but want to share their discovery.

So, I urge you to consider for a moment; would you rather be thought about like a supermarket - offering everything but specialising in nothing. Or would you instead like to be a business who specialises in a particular area and is one that your clients feel proud to work with and to recommend because you give them such massive value that they just can't get elsewhere?

If you were to specialise in one niche (e.g. working within the health and fitness industry) or even a micro-niche (e.g. working with personal trainers) would you be able to offer better value to your clients?

How could you help them more than a book keeper who works for 'anyone with a small business'?

Here's a few things that might get those mathematical brain juices flowing:
  • You would be, most likely, the only bookkeeper specialising in your area of choice, which would make your marketing crazily easy!
  • You'd know what was happening within the industry and be able to help your clients keep on top of what they need to do.
  • You'd be able to create systems that work for all your clients.
  • You'd be able to offer group and 121 info products that get you out of the time/money trap and get you more clients.
And there's lots more!

I'm curious... if you were to choose one particular area to work in, what would it be? What floats your boat and gets you excited? How could you start working with more businesses like that and create a business that you are SERIOUSLY passionate?

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Fantastic article Sophie. I specialise in antique dealers as few bookkeepers have in-depth knowledge of the business and market myself directly to them as a specialist. It's worked fantastically well and I would urge other bookkeepers to find their niche. It helps that I'm fascinated by antiques too :-)
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