Who Is Your Ideal Client?

ideal client

Until you have developed a profile of your ideal, you can't even think about developing  marketing. if your businesses tries to target too large market (i.e. every  in your region) you will struggle  to get the type of clients you really want, and here's why: not understanding who your client really is keeps you from being able to better target and serve those clients.

In it's simplest terms you ideal client profile is a very clear description of the type of client you would love to have more of. It may be an exact replica of clients you're working with today. Or it could be a combination of qualities you've seen in past and current clients, or a new type of client.

Why Identifying Your Ideal Client Matters

If you know...

  • who the people are, you will know how to get to them (the blogs they read, the sites they visit, the stuff they search for in Google etc)
  • how they describe the type of products and services they want, you can word the message in your advertising to match the conversation in their head (very important!)
  • how they choose and compare products and services in your sector, you know how to structure and prioritise content on your site and in your flyers or letters
  • what they want, your value proposition can state exactly that and your offer can be 98% relevant to them
  • what they don't care about, you can dismiss and cut it from your marketing pieces
  • how their life is better thanks to your service, you know which end-benefits to communicate

... and so on and so forth. It's all about relevancy - if what you offer and how you present it matches their state of mind, you have gained a client.

Once you understand the profiles and needs of your ideal clients, you can stop wasting money marketing to everyone and start focusing your efforts and messages to those whom you really want to target.

It's much more profitable (and easier) to dominate a niche market than to compete in a large market.


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