Why do we do it?


Watching this dog chase it's own tail is pretty funny....admit it. We all know that no matter how fast the dog goes, or how hard he tries he can never win, but...

we do it all the time

Hours are wasted every day chasing our tails with pointless tasks in our business.  We will then sit and wonder why we never get anywhere.  But why do we do it?  The answer is not as complicated as it seems.  We do it....

For the same reason as the dog above

We think that it's the right thing to do.  We have convinced ourself that these meaningless tasks are the way to run our business.  When we watch the dog we can see what the dog can't.  We know that he'll never succeed.  All that will happen is that he'll get too tired to keep going.

When will you stop?

Will you continue to put all of your time and energy into doing the futile until you are too tired to keep going, or will you start to concentrate on what is important to your business?  It's the difference between working on your business and working in your business. The problem is if you are too busy chasing your tail, when will you get the time to see that's what's happening?

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Yes but how do you stop chasing your tail? whats the secret?
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