Do you fear fixed fees?

I have spoken to many bookkeepers over the years who would like to charge their clients a fixed monthly fee but are filled with fear.  I hope this short post will help you put those fears you feel to one side and look seriously at how charging a fixed fee could help your business to grow.

Most fears tend to come from a single area.  Bookkeepers fear that they will end up providing far more services than the client pays for.

Charging clients a fixed monthly fee is a fantastic way to:
  • Earn more money
  • Change the focus from time to expertise
  • Help your clients to budget better
  • Smooth your cashflow peaks and troughs
Don't try to include all of your services in a single package.  Have various packages pitched at various levels, each with their own price tag.  This menu of prices offers the benefits of being able to upsell your services to clients and get the real value, and not just the cost of the time you spend.

Fixed fee billing, or menu pricing, is a fantastic way to be sure of the money you will earn each and every month, but also for the client to know how much they will pay and that there will never be any surprises.  Who wouldn't want to know in advance what a service would cost?  Fixed fees offer the same level of service to clients with the certainties humans strive for.

When will you start working towards an hourly rate equivalent price of £30-£40?  If you doubt it's possible, that’s what I charge!




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